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Editorial Services

Developmental Editing 

You’ve completed a draft of your manuscript, but you know it still needs some work on a deeper level. A developmental edit provides a comprehensive analysis to help identify the big-picture issues with your book. Feedback is provided through specific notes throughout the manuscript, as well as a 10-15 page report that covers all the major elements of a novel including: plot, story structure, characterization, theme, conflict, narrative style and more. The report will include notes about what is already working, issues that need to be solved and specific recommendations for how to resolve them, strengthen your writing and create a compelling narrative that lives up to your vision for the book. Please note: while the notes might include some sporadic sentence-level corrections, this service does NOT include full line-editing or proofreading. 

$.05- $.07 per word, depending on the genre and level of editing needed. 

Manuscript Critique

A manuscript critique is a less comprehensive version of the developmental editing service. Margin notes and annotations within the text are limited. Feedback is provided in a 3-5 page editorial letter, which  includes an overview of big-picture issues with the book, as well as the elements that are working well. This critique does not include any line editing or recommendations for how the problem areas can be solved. The manuscript critique is recommended for more experienced writers who don’t need much guidance in order to implement the feedback and strengthen their manuscript on their own. It can also be useful for authors who have been through multiple drafts, and need a new set of eyes to spot any inconsistencies, issues of clarity or cohesion they might have missed as the story has evolved.

$1,200 for up to 90,000 words

Line editing

If you have completed and revised your manuscript to the best of your ability, line editing will be one of the last stages of the editing process you’ll need before publication. Line editing will detect grammatical and spelling errors, inconsistencies in language and voice, repetition and narrative flow. Margin comments and annotations will be limited. An editorial letter (including suggestions for how to improve specific story elements) is NOT included with this service.   

$.02-$.04 per word, depending on the level of editing needed. 


I’m happy to answer any questions about these services. I can also provide custom quotes for shorter pieces such as personal essays, short stories, synopsis/outline, query letters or academic essays. Get in touch today to reserve your spot in my editorial calendar.



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