We did it. The Ro-Jo show went on the road yet again, but this time we only had one destination– Las Vegas.

Last weekend Jo and I were the latest guests on the Gambling with an Edge podcast, with Richard Munchkin and Bob Dancer. No big deal, we just drank some wine and told a few tales from our card-counting days, most of which I haven’t told to anyone, like ever.

Okay, that’s not true. There are a few close friends I may have shared some stories with over the years. Of course, more than a few people reading this were also there to witness these events firsthand. But it’s been so long, some of you may have forgotten all about them. Well I’m here to refresh your memory.

It amazes me how many details I can still remember about those days of traveling every weekend, counting endless stacks of chips and practically living in casinos. But my memory might not be this great forever. Lately I’ve been feeling the need to make a record, write all this stuff down, and I guess talk about it on a podcast episode or two.

I’m not gonna lie, I’m pretty nervous about telling these stories to the world. But you know, YOLO and all that. Playing blackjack for a living with the biggest, baddest, most notorious card counting team of all time was a once in a lifetime experience that could probably never be duplicated with the sad state of the games that exist today (as I write this, however, someone could very well be attempting to do just that).

Anyway, this is me, owning my past and sharing it with the world. I hope you enjoy the journey. I know I did.

2 thoughts on “It’s happening…

  1. Listened to your lively podcast. Your blackjack adventures. The game is tough. Is it beatable today? I presume you have retired from it?

  2. Hi Brooks, thanks for listening! From what I’ve seen, today’s games are a bit tougher mostly because there are fewer beatable games out there, at least the way my team and I used to beat them. Most of the shoe games I’ve been seeing in Vegas at least are now mostly paying only 6:5 on blackjack, a rule that makes the game unbeatable even with counting. I imagine that would be a tough environment for a small-stakes solo counter trying to build a bankroll. I don’t know the state of games in other areas though, so I hope it’s still possible elsewhere.

    I do know quite a few people who still beat the games regularly, but most of them either travel constantly to find beatable games or have some other advanced skills beyond straight card counting. I haven’t played blackjack in years, but I can’t say that I won’t play again if it the right opportunity comes along (so, I guess you could say I’m semi-retired?).

    P.S. Sorry for the delayed response, I had this all typed up and thought I had posted it months ago.

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